China goods, fake products and recycled damaged items have flooded Indonesia for some time now. This is also the case when it comes to Perfumes. So, how does one actually differentiate between original and fake perfume products? Many resellers even provide KW1 fragrances as well as locally produced fragrances which smell almost 100% like the original ones, for a price that is as low as Rp.50.000. Here are some tips on how you can be sure that you are not being cheated, when buying fragrances for your precious skin:

Original Perfumes….
Are always packaged well, even though some may not be sealed.
Every Original Tester product must have either “Tester-Not for Sale” or “Demonstration” written on its package.
Check the bottle’s condition carefully for usage signs. For instance, scratch marks or a loose bottle cap.
There is a consistency in the batch number on the bottle as well as on the packaging below which is normally printed or engraved and is very legible. 

A sticker label that states the batch number that is also very legible.

While a fake product……
Has no valid packaging and is sometimes wrapped in velvet or other materials.
If in a sealed package, you will note that the batch number below and the one on the bottle won’t match.
The spray nozzle or cap may be loose and the packaging maybe dog-eared or with scratches.
The packaging is from a cheap material and has embossed pictures for the labeling.
Some designs of the bottle do not match the packaging of an original fragrance piece.Are perfectly sealed packaged especially for perfumes that are normally not sealed. For instance, Benetton and Paris Hilton.

Finally, your SAFEST bet…!! Shop at and have a good night’s sleep!